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Michael Madhusudan Debate Federation (MMDF BD) emerged in Jashore in the early 2009 and soon became a prominent societal fixture of life in Southern part of Bangladesh. Within a short phase MMDF BD becomes the most Active Debate Organisation all over Bangladesh. MMDF BD Founded By Zahir Iqbal Nannu


Moreover, MMDF BD is running their activities in India, Nepal, DR Congo, Liberia, Sri Lanka, China, Nigeria, Philippines, Afghanistan

Michael Madhusudan Debate Federation (MMDF BD) shouldering the responsibility to give a fruitful sequence in the debating arena, keeping into mind that it will be very difficult to perform this noble job single handedly.

That’s why the organization moved forward from their very beginning with a number of reputed debating clubs across the country. More than two hundred school & colleges and Twenty non-educational debating organizations are working in the same platform. It is the first organization that has tried to spread the Light Of Logic among the generations, wherever they live - in Rural Area or Urban Area.

‘Debate’ is an innovative and prominent event in the cultural arena of our country. MMDF BD believes that through practicing debate one can achieve the capability of tolerating other words, opinions & conflicts, which is badly needed in present socio-economic condition of our country as well as our world. We also believe that besides academic learning the students who will be the future leader of the earth should become skilled of expressing their own opinion in an impressive and logical way. And this practice needs to start at the very early stage of life so that he can prepare himself as a good orator.

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