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Jessore is the site of the memory of Michael Madhusudan Dutt. This is the place where his practice of literature started and the beginning of him becoming The “Michael Madhusudan Dutt”. The journey of Michael Madhusudan Debate Federation started in 2009 at Jessore, where his memories are spread everywhere. At that time, participating in a debate competition on the campus of the Government MM College, then the victory and glory of the best speaker, pushed them towards their dream and was the first ever inspiration.

The scope of the MMDF BD: One of the features of the MMDF BD is to expand the fields of regular debate and discussion. For almost ten years, the MMDF BD has been working to increase the quantity of Debaters and also to increase Debate practice throughout Bangladesh. In continuation of this work, the schools, colleges and universities of Khulna Division currently have more than three hundred members and this number is increasing daily. Not only Debate, but more fields of knowledge like quick-quiz, instant speech, national essay writing competitions, book readings, recitations and competitions, by which the members of MMDF BD can left a signature mark behind of their intelligence. Also, the MMDF has a thriving library, by reading the books from the library the Debaters are increasing their Confinement of knowledge.

Although the MMDF BD initially started its tenure in Jessore district in the development of the dispute industry, but in the end it’s activities were not only confined among Jessore district. The active committees and central committees in various districts of Bangladesh are working relentlessly to shed the light of knowledge. In addition to this, MMDF is organizing debate festivals in districts for the first time, in addition to train debates in various educational institutions in different districts of the country including Magura, Narail, Satkhira, Khulna, Jhenaidah, Patuakhali, Barisal, Chittagong. For the first time in 2018 MMDF BD organized a “National Debate Festival” in the presence of more than three thousand students and hundreds of parents and general public were able to witness the largest national debate festival in South Bengal. In the debate festival Musa Ibrahim was present, who is the ever Bangladeshi to raise the falg of Bangladesh on the peek of the Mount Everest.

Our Achievements

The MMDF was founded in 2009, when it felt the necessity of practicing the art debate. Being organized was one of the challenges for us at that time. This year we have achieved some of these challenges too. For example: We participated in the Campus Debate Competition for the first time in 2009 and were proud to be successful there. Also received the honor of the best speaker was the leader of our team and the Chairman of the MMDF BD Zahir Iqbal Nannu.
1. In 2010 the present Chairman of MMDF BD Zahir Iqbal participated in a Single debate help in the Dr. Abdur Razzak Municiple College. In this competition, he won the tittle with the proof of excellence of all the contestants and was selected as the champion and best speaker by getting the highest number in the entire tournament.

2. This year the chairman of the MMDF participated in a three-day debate festival organized by the DUDS (Dhaka University Debating Society). His active participation in the festival made MMDF more dynamic and helped to reach more students.
1. This year, MMDF BD participated in a debate competition at Khulna Engineer University. In the first round, they faced a strong team from Chittagong University and were defeated just for a few points. There, the signature of the talent of the MMDF BD also caught the eye.

2. Also this year, MMDF BD achieved the first runner-up tittle by participating in the TIB district-level Quick-Quiz competition.
1. This year, the MMDF BD began it’s activity in collecting members from various parts of Bangladesh and also started to grow the teaching of The “Parliamentary Debate”.
1. This year, MMDF BD officially started with an office. A permanent address to make the job area more powerful at this time.

2. MMDF BD participated in a competition organized by Jessore College. By defeating of the best and strongest teams in Jessore, MMDF BD remained the winner of Jessore District. In this tournament, the chairman of MMDF BD Zahir Iqbal and the Co-chairman were jointly selected as the best speaker. Thus, the MMDF BD spread gradually in Jessore district from this point of time.

3. This year we again won the Jessore District Champion tittle by participating in the college level debate competition and our team got the credit of being the best speaker. From this time onwards, the relations with other debate organizations from various parts of Bangladesh were firm with the MMDF.The relations continued to grow.
1. We got the credit of being the first runner-up in Khulna division by participating in a Debate organized by the ACC(Anti Corruption Commission). Such success at the departmental level made our path forward even more dynamic.

2. Michael Madhusudan Debate Federation, Bangladesh organized the Inter-College Debate Contest with its own funding.

3. This year a team consisted about 13 members of MMDF BD participated in a Debate Festival organized by the National Debate Federation and also were selected as the best Debate Organization in Bangladesh.
1. The Co-Chairman of MMDF BD Sunjida Yeasmin Opi became the champion of Khulna division in the Khulna divisional debate in 2015.

2. In 2015, the MMDF BD received the award of Champion Ship from the Deputy Commissioner of Jessore and VC of JUST.
1. MMDF BD received the distinction of being the best active debate organization of Bangladesh at the 9th National Debate Festival organized by National Debate Federation Bangladesh.

2. This year, the debaters of MMDF BD became the champion of a debate competition organized by the Apex Club. In the competition, the members of MMDF BD Zahir Iqbal, Sunjida Yeasmin and Sumon hossain participated. They were leading MMDF BD from the Front.

3. The members of MMDF BD maintained the heritage of becoming the Champions in a Debate Competition organized by the Bangladesh Debate federation.

4. This year, the Bangladesh Debate Federation organized a debate competition among 194 Educational Institutions where MMDF BD achieved the 3rd place in the whole country.

5. National Debate Federation Khulna Organized a competition where MMDF BD achieved the 1st place in Barwari Debate, likewise the 2nd & 3rd place in Instant speech. MMDF BD became the champion of Khulna division and Sumon Hossain of the Khulna division was elected as the current Champion. All three are leading the MMDF from the upfront.
1. In this year a contest organized by the ACC, the school and college level winners of the MMDF BD passed the divisional level and became the runners-up of the Khulna Division by acquiring the place of Champion in the southwestern region of Khulna Division. Jessore district team reached the national level semifinals after defeating Bhola district at the college level. Both parties were the members of the MMDF BD.

2. For the third time this year, Michael Madhusudan Debate Federation had organized a successful debate festival in Sharsha Upazila in Bangladesh.

3. In the contest organized by the KUET Debating Society, two parties participated in the contest and defeated Khulna University.

4. We were champions in the anti-drug debate competition organized by the district administration and we have the award of the best speaker.

5. The district administration organized stalls at information fairs and we MMDF BD exhibited parliamentary debates.
1. The members of the MMDF BD were nominated for the final phase of the Apex Club of Bangladesh debate.

2. This year, for the first time outside Dhaka, the largest national debate festival of South Bengal was organized with the presence of over three thousand students and hundreds of parents and general public. Where Musa Ibrahim, the first Everest winner of Bangladesh was present.

3. In this year, Sanjida Yasmin Opi, co-chairman of MMDF BD, occupied the second position across Bangladesh in instant speech competition.

4. The MMDF BD was able to host the first ever debate festival in Narail district on August 17, 2018. Narails Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate Emadul Haque Chowdhury was present at the festival. Mashrafei Bin Mortaza the captain of Bangladesh National Cricket Team’s father was also present.

5. This year in September, MMDF BD succeeded in organizing a debate festival in Magura with the participation of half a thousand students.

6. For the first time in the Satkhira district, MMDF BD organized a debate festival. About in the presence of four hundred indiscriminate participants from various educational institutions participated in the program.
1. MMDF BD organized a national debate festival for the second time in the field premises of Jessore Government Women College, with the participation of about 2400+ students from more than 34 districts of all over Bangladesh. Nahim Razzak, the Member of Parliament from Shariatpur-1 was present as the chief guest in the closing ceremony of the festival.

2. Michael Madhusudan Debate Federation Bangladesh Chairman Zahir Iqbal went to India for a 5-day visit as a youth representative to Bangladesh.
  • 1. Jessore zilla school debating club.
  • 2. Jessore govt. girls high school debaing club.
  • 3. MSTP girls high school debating club.
  • 4. Shikkha board govt. model school ad college debating club.
  • 5. Jessore govt. women college debating club.
  • 6. Municipal preparatory school debating club.
  • 7. Jessore collectorate school debating club.
  • 8. Jessore polytechnic institute debating club.
  • 9. Sommilony institute debating club.
  • 10. Dr. Abdur Razzak municipal college debating club.
  • 11. Sakhina girls school debating club.
  • 12. Islamia girls high school debating club.
  • 13. Hashimpur secondary school debating club.
  • 14. MM College debating society debating club.
  • ::- MORE 20+ Institute.
  • 1. 1st MMDF Debate Workshop 2009 Total Participants: 60 (Sixty).
  • 2. Saifur’s 2nd MMDF Debate Workshop 2010 Total Participants: 120 (One hundred and twenty).
  • 3. Dream Polytechnic MMDF Debate Competition 2012 Total Participants: 12 (Twelve Colleges).
  • 4. Shopno Dakho 3rd MMDF Debate Workshop 2013 Total Participants: 160 (One hundred sixty).
  • 5. Saifur’s 4th MMDF Regional Debate Workshop 2014 Total Participants: 500 (Five hundred).
  • 6. Abacus 5th MMDF Debate Workshop 2015 in Different institutions of Jessore. Total Participants: 1600 (One thousand six hundred ).
  • 7. Shopno Dakho 6th MMDF Debate Workshop 2016 in Different institutions of Jessore, Satkhira & Jinaidah. Total Participants: 2100 (Two thousand and one hundred).
  • 8. 1St MMDF Debate Festival 2016 in Jessore shilpa kala academy auditorium, Jessore. Total participants: 600 (Six hundred).
  • 9. 2nd Debate festival 2017 at Jessore Zilla school Auditorium, Jessore, Total participants: 700 (Seven hundred).
  • 10. 3rd Debate festival 2017 at Sharsha Upozila Auditorium, Jessore, Total participants: 700 (Seven hundred).
  • 11. 4th Debate festival & 1st National Debate Festival 2018 at Jessore zilla school field. Total participants: 2000+ (Two thousands).
  • 01. MSTP Secondary Girl School and College.
  • 02. Dawood Public School and College.
  • 03. Bahadurpur Secondary School.
  • 04. Jessore Government Women College.
  • 05. Municipal preparatory school.
  • 06. Jessore Education Board Model School & College.
  • 07. Hamidpur Secondary School.
  • 08. Jessore Collectorate School.
  • 09. Jessore Polytechnic Institute.
  • 10. Jessore Govt. Girls High School.
  • 11. Sommilony Institute.
  • 12. Jessore English School and College.
  • 13. Jessore Cantonment College.
  • 14. BAF Shaheen School and College.
  • 15. Badsha Faisal Islamic Institute.
  • 16. Muslim AcademyDawood Public College.
  • 17. Dr. Abdur Razzak Municipal College.
  • 18. Newtown Girls high School.
  • 19. Sakhina Girls School.
  • 20. Islamia Girls High School.
  • 21. Hashimpur Secondary School.
  • 22. Jessore Zilla School.
  • 23. Chattiantola Secondary School.
  • 24. Mirzapur Women's College.
  • 25. Indra Secondary School.
  • 26. Bagharpara Pilot School.
  • 27. Bagharpara Degree College.
  • 28. Secendarpur Secondary School.
  • 29. Narkelbaria College.
  • 30. Akiz School and College.
  • 31. Nawapara Women's College.
  • 32. Nawapara Government College.
  • 33. Bagharpara Women's College.
  • 34. Sharsha Upazila College.
  • 35. Navaran College.
  • 36. Birshrestho Government Noor Mohammad College.
  • 37. Bangchara United Secondary School.
  • 38. Fazilatunnesa Women's College.
  • 39. Gorapara Secondary School.
  • 40. Burjabagan Secondary School.
  • 41. Ariam Memorial Girls' School.
  • 42. Sunrise Public School.
  • 43. Sankarpasha Secondary School.
  • 44. Nawapara Pilot Girls School.
  • 45. Southern English School.
  • 46. Nawapara Model Secondary School.
  • 47. Jhikargachha ML High School.
  • 48. Combined high school girls.
  • 49. Raghunathanagar College.
  • 50. Jhikarkachha Girls Pilot School.
  • 51. Shaheed Govt Mashiyu Rahman College.
  • 52. Jhikargachha Sammelani Women's College.
  • 53. Raghunathanagar Secondary School.
  • 54. Bankra High School.
  • 55. Bankra Degree College.
  • 56. Akiz Collegiate School.
  • 57. St. Louis Secondary School.
  • 58. Dohar Magura Secondary School.
  • 59. Angarpara Secondary School.
  • 60. Haji Sardar Matarja Ali Secondary School.
  • 61. Chowgacha Model Secondary School
  • 62. Singhazuli Secondary School.
  • 63. Tarikul Islam Pouro College.
  • 64. Chowgachha Mridhpara women College.
  • 65. Shahadat Pilot Secondary School.
  • 66. Garibpur ideal school.
  • 67. Monirampur Boys High School.
  • 68. Municipal Secondary Girls School.
  • 69. Satighata Secondary School.
  • 70. Khuada Secondary Girls' School.
  • 71. Rajganj Secondary School.
  • 72. Chandipur Secondary School.
  • 73. Rajganj Girls Secondary School.
  • 74. Satighata Secondary School.
  • 75. Nabo Diganta pricadet & High School.
  • 76. Sunrise Public School, Benapole.
  • 77. Pilot Girls Secondary School.
  • 78. Shamkur Secondary School.
  • 79. Pazia Secondary School.
  • 80. Mangalkot Girls School.
  • 81. Magura High Girls School.
  • 82. Magura High Boys School.
  • 83. Narail Government Boys High School.
  • 84. Narail Government Girls High School.
  • 85. Maheshpur Girls School.
  • 86. Kolaroa Government College.
  • 87. Maijapara Secondary School.
  • 88. Kalaroa GKMK Secondary School.
  • 89. Moshihatti Secondary School.
  • 90. Kanidanga Secondary School.
  • 91. Raghunatpur Secondary School.
  • 92. Mangalkot Secondary School.

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